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Her er hvad wikipedia har på behandlingsformen Neurodynamics

Neural oscillations, or brainwaves, are rhythmic or repetitive patterns of neural activity in the central aquiver system. Neural tissue can generate oscillatory commotion in many ways, driven either by mechanisms within individual neurons or by interactions along with neurons. In individual neurons, oscillations can appear either as oscillations in membrane potential or as rhythmic patterns of exploit potentials, which after that build oscillatory activation of post-synaptic neurons. At the level of neural ensembles, synchronized bustle of large numbers of neurons can come up with the money for rise to macroscopic oscillations, which can be observed in an electroencephalogram. Oscillatory protest in groups of neurons generally arises from feedback links amongst the neurons that upshot in the synchronization of their firing patterns. The interaction together with neurons can give rise to oscillations at a rotate frequency than the firing frequency of individual neurons. A well-known example of macroscopic neural oscillations is alpha excitement.

Neural oscillations were observed by researchers as upfront as 1924 (by Hans Berger). More than 50 years well ahead, intrinsic oscillatory actions was encountered in vertebrate neurons, but its effective role is yet not adequately understood. The doable roles of neural oscillations insert feature binding, assistance transfer mechanisms and the generation of rhythmic motor output. over the last decades more sharpness has been gained, especially in the same way as advances in brain imaging. A major area of research in neuroscience involves determining how oscillations are generated and what their roles are. Oscillatory commotion in the brain is widely observed at stand-in levels of dispensation and is thought to action a key role in doling out neural counsel. Numerous experimental studies sustain a functioning role of neural oscillations; a unified observations, however, is nevertheless lacking.

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